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we have been known underground in markets as the top best seller of Chip software for emv chipped cards

the first introduced chip emv software was our software that was called first ci1 before and now

it was updgraded to chipso with new more features and more specifications 

the software "chipso" is the top rated software in the market and it was published and rated as top software on

as the best working software that allows too many bins , SDA STATIC And DDA ARQC dynamic bins to work

and give approve on both pos and ATM Machines.

No one is able to compete our software and no one can sell it , the only seller and provider is here any other claimers they selling chipso are fake and rippers.

only contact us on : 

Jabber :  [email protected]

Email : [email protected]

 ICQ : 589332224

No other contact only these.